• Website planning

    Planning is the first step in getting that awesome website you need for your company or products. DCDigital offers an expert that will guide you to achieve the maximum potential of your idea.
    We are happy to walk the road of creation alongside our clients and partners in their way to success.
    Tell us your idea and we can make it happen

  • Open communication

    We know that building a website may be a new thing for you, and new skills may be stressful sometimes, so we want to help our clients understand every aspect of the website design process in a relaxing and friendly way.
    We will haply answer to any questions you may have and we are more than willing to share our experience.

  • Custom design

    A picture worth 1000 words. Thats true! And we love drawings! You can send us drawings with the way you want your website to look and we can cover it. Of corse, pictures and drawings are not requied. You can describe the design in any way that fits you. George here is still learning to read smoke signals tho...
    We will also make sugestions for improvemets based on current UX/UI trends. Tell us your idea and we can make it happen

Bespoke website design

DCDigital specializes in developing and creating bespoke "turnkey" websites that can be an effective tool for the development of your business. Our sites are web resources, which, above all, work for your target audience. We know that every company has different needs and requirements so the "one-size-fits-all" doesn't really apply in the 21-th century light-speed fast world.

bespoke web design from sketch
Easy custom themes

Custom skins and themes

All the websites we built are designed to be easily themed. This means themes are easy to update to the current UX/UI standards and trends. You can also bring your own theme in CSS/SCSS/SASS format, photoshop, images or theme sketches on paper or even napkins. We are happy to follow any idea.
Most websites will need a theme update every few years as the technologies evolve and the user interface gets older. And using our framework this can be done fast, clean and cheap.

Simple administration

"keep it simple" - That's harder hat it looks.. and for us hard means fun!
Most "one-size-fits-all" web software will ( duh.. ) fit most needs of a generic website administrator. That is really nice! If you need a generic website. But when you need something more specific or your products are different from the standard format, it may get messy. That is why we adapt the administration board of every website to our user`s needs.
It is easier when you create your own website and administration for it.

Performance optimisation

The speed and size of your website application is very important. It is as important as the webdesign and actual content. Google is telling us about the impact of performance on user traffic. And its not the only one. Just a simple search on the web will reveal how important this subject really is.
For this purpose we are developing on one of our custom backbone frameworks built with performance in mind. We do not forget that your website requires built-in SEO. And that feature will not miss!

Open communication and planning

It is easy to sketch and plan a website design, structure, features and options when there is no middle-man. We want to be understand our clients requirements and needs as detailed as possible. For this, we take as much time as needed to plan the project, offer sketches and build a solid plan before we start coding.
Planning cuts down allot of the actual work and costs.

Affordable pricing

We are focused on delivering reliable and affordable applications to our clients. So we developed on a few technologies based on your needs. Most websites we develop can be safely deployed using plain HTML or PHP. Most of the web applications that require administration can be safely and reliable build with Laravel. And more complex applications with huge traffic we can fly with Phalcon to save costs on server resources. Also SEO optimisation should be accessible from administration and require very little to no programming at all to reduce costs on the long-term.

Bottom line: we are prepared for any application type and we will deliver as expected.